These are the rules for the server
The rules are also listed in game.

1. The first and most inportant rule is no griefing.
2. The town is protected using a plugin.
3. You can build outside the town.
4. For bulding rights e-mail with the admin at
    mail is checked all the time
5.You can also post your questions here.
6.This is a survival server.
7.Braking rules will give you time in jail.
8.Jail is also protected.
9.Lockette plugin is also installed so you can lock your chests.
10.MobArena is free and fun just type /ma join
11. To leave the town just type /warp public
12. A player needs to login for 3 days in order to rank up.
13. Moderator is given to regular player that are common for 3 weeks.
14. Moderator is the highest rank for a player.

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Any questions leave a comment or e-mail the admin at


  1. Replies
    1. there's no pasword you have to register
      just type /register [password] [password]

  2. to metalcigar , i have been griefed by sebastion and i took a screen shot doin it, he said he is mod i want justice done , i see a ban cause i saw destruction not griefing , thank you ZonaRoja and Speedy

  3. Kiko if it says Moderator is highest rank so i will still be admin or will i be a mod?