Thursday, October 18, 2012

MC 1.4

We have gotten the official release date for MC 1.4 - October 24 - unfortunately this is the date for Microsoft Vision 10 witch i'm going to. I'm still working on the machine that's going to run the server because  
i have very little to work with and so it's going kind of slow. I can't do any thing until i get the parts I've ordered.


  1. So kiko,on the fb group minecraft macedonia a guy (Igor ____) said that this server will NOT be cracked,is that true? because i don't want to not be ab;e to join :(

    1. We will be buying a premium version of minecraft but I have no intension of making the server legit.

    2. thanks man,i was really sad about the server being legit and i was...idk how to say it but thanks!